Smart City

Managing the most effective, sustainable, and profitable territory: In a word "Smart".

We design and develop smart city solutions, system of systems (housing, mobility, services, culture, energy, security, environment and more) where technologies, services and apps are integrated into different domains.


Mobile Apps

Realization of Multiplatform Apps, to drive Information and News to tourists, or to convey citizen’s
Bike Sharing

Bicycle sharing systems for sustainable mobility that supports and encourages the use of public transport.
SIT - Territorial Information System

Building the Territorial Information System (SIT), with the definition of accessible information,

Smart Grid

"Intelligent" management systems of the power distribution network, with solutions to optimize system functionality

Smart metering

Systems for monitoring and efficiency (based on wireless sensor networks, Plc, RS485, etc.) for electric power,

Waste management

Waste cycle control. Increase the percentage recycling. Air pollution control thanks to specific instruments,

Debugging systems

mplementation of ICT systems to facilitate of services offered to citizenship (E-Government)
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