Ambiental Monitoring

Safeguarding the environment for a more eco-sustainable world

We deploy technological solutions to monitor and preserve the environment. Coasts and marine protected areas, wooded areas and national parks, water resources and air quality.


Air Quality Monitoring

Fixed and mobile stations in accordance with current legislation, which detect all parameters of pollution.
Environmental information systems

All the information from different field sensors converge into a single collection center. The IDefender software
Forest fire detection systems

Vision-based and infrared camera monitoring systems that thanks to advanced Video Analysis algorithms allow the

Coastal and marine protected marine monitoring systems

Integrated Coastal Monitoring and Surveillance Solutions is an integrated solution developed specifically for

Hydro-meteorological parameters detection

Water stations measuring hydro-meteorological data, such as precipitation, barometric pressure,

Integrated system for water balance

Designing and constructing infrastructures to optimize the adduction and distribution phases of water through
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