Comunication Infrastructures

Our era is characterized by being the era of information.

We strive daily through our solutions to the creation and enhancement of technological communications and connectivity infrastructures. Networks and communication systems are the foundation for the implementation of the Smart City concept, promoting the mutual flow of information backed by ICT resources.


Structured wiring, LAN / WAN and wireless networks

Structured wiring, LAN / WAN networks, Network management systems, Fiber optic networks.
Datacenter e big data

Realization of data centers and related environmental control systems, such as air conditioning systems and
Telephone Stations

Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX), TDM telephone switchboards, IP telephones

Unified Communication

Unified Communication systems, integration of real-time communication services such as, for example,

Professional Mobile Radio, analog, digital and synchronous solutions

Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) includes all the private radio communication products and systems they use


Based on radio stations, connected to a central type telephone and to a network management center.
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