Security of Critical Infrastructures

We live under the constant threat of terrorist attacks, criminals and vandalism.

We Protect Ports and Districts, Railway Stations, Power Generation and Distribution Stations, Oil & Gas, Waste Storage and Disposal Sites, Courts, Prisons, Military Sites, Government Buildings, Hospital Associations, Sports Facilities and Entertainment Facilities.


Intrusion Alarm Systems

The design and installation of anti-intrusion systems for museums, archaeological areas. Selcom technicians
Fire detection

Fire detection systems, gas leaks and flooding systems, automatic shutdowns, environmental control system,
Video surveillance

Video surveillance systems, for the prevention and reconstruction of criminal acts, monitoring and

Access control

Effective control of any structure involves knowledge of presence in an environment, this is made possible through

Building Automation

Selcom offers the best solutions for integrated control of buildings of any type and size, to ensure the
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