Territory Control

Security as a primary requirement of our territory.

With our integrated IDefender solution we manage and monitor the territory by integrating and correlating the different technologies, creating an efficient decision support system. Solutions for cities, highways and roads, shopping malls, parking lots and parking areas.


Urban Surveillance

The IDefender platform as an integrated system of Urban Security, it optimizes control and City management.
License Plates Reading System

The acquisition of license plates is done by both readers and context cameras, in order to match these data with the
Access Control Systems and Limited Traffic Zones (ZTL)

Automatic Access Control Systems for Restricted Traffic Zones (Z.T.L.), systems approved by the

Automated Analysis and Control Systems for vehicle flows

ID Road allows real-time collection of traffic data, which allows to know the traffic conditions across the territory,

Automatic Accident Detection Systems

With the use of video analysis technologies you can detect in real-time several phenomena, such accidents,

Variable Message Panel Management Systems (PMV)

IDefender monitors and manages a network of variable message panels, allowing them to view road information

Parking Management Systems

Intelligent management of parking areas, through the counting of vehicles passing through the entrances,
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